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Bridging The Gap With Your Kids

In these fast paced, social media frenzed days, there's literally little time, if any, to connect with your Children. My Mother, who is now over 70 Years young, has been getting very despressed lately, that she can't seem to get a return phone call from her Grandchildren. She knows they love her. That is not the point. When she goes to visit them, the Three of them seem to be preoccupied with playing their games and posting with their friends. It is a pandemic.

I had to take them aside one day, and explain; "Do you know when you just get off an airplane and you are so happy to see your Mom & Dad or imagine if you see Ariana Grande or Demi Lovato. You would run over and give them the biggest hug and greeting. That's the way your Gramma wants to feel when you see her." They all laughed and thought about it for a moment, then they reenacted their entrance again, only this time, they rushed into Gramma's arms and greeted her with big, warm smiles. All it takes is a little sensitivity. I didn't force them. I didn't make them feel pressured. I was able to reach them on their terms of understanding.

The next week, my Mother couldn't reach them on the phone, and she became worried and upset all over again. I said, "Mom, what I recommend for you to do is to text them. They will surely respond to you within Five minutes..." She doubted me, and she showed her discomfort and displeasure with having to conform to this type of stale, superficial communication. But, finally,

she agreed. Two minutes later, her cell phone notification bleeped 3 times, all with text messages from her Grandchildren, and stating how much they are sorry they didn't call, and how much they missed her, and loved her.

Changing our methods, conforming to a new way of lifestyle, new tempo can be a little tricky and slightly challenging for anyone. Try taking your Kids to a Karaoke Show next. I guarantee that they will be impressed by how many songs you know. And they thought they were the only ones who knew them. Keep finding those common denominators.

One more suggestion. Try baking together. Ask them to find the recipes on Google.

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